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Landlords wanted!

Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to species conservation? What about a self-built bird nesting box or quarters for bats?

Many bird species are cave breeders; they raise their young in the holes or hollows of trees. However, these are often scarce in commercial forests and gardens. Nesting aids are therefore a sensible option  - you can discover many in and around the 'Haus der Natur'. Some of them are equipped with cameras.

Numerous bat species are also dependent on hollows in trees where they sleep during the day. Did you know that there are often many different species of bats in the same quarter? Bats do not need much space. Up to 200 pipistrelles (small bats) can hang on an area the size of a DIN A4 sheet.

Artificial nesting aids are not absolutely necessary in Kottenforst. Here there are many old trees with holes and cavities that offer birds and bats plenty of nesting opportunities.

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