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Haus der Natur

If trees could speak

This 200 year old elm tree could tell us a lot about the history of the Kottenforst and the question of sustainability. The large book recounts the milestones.

18th century: Middle forest management

1713 Hans-Carl von Carlowitz

1723 - 1761 Elector Clemens August

1794 The French Revolution

1815 The first Prussian Forestry Office in the Kottenforst

Late 19th century: High forest management

20th century: Recreational use

1972 The first natural forest cell is designated in the Kottenforst forest.

1977 The felling of the elm

1987 The Brundtland Report

1992 Agenda 21

1995 Bonn joins the Climate Alliance

1998 The certification of the Bonn City Forest

1999 Bonn joins the ICLEI city network

21st century: Protected areas are designated

2015 Agenda 2030