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Münsterbasilika © Foto: Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn
| blown up version : Münsterbasilika © Foto: Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn

Of the many churches three excel in their particular importance in architecture and cultural history. One of Bonn’s landmarks is the mighty Minster Church whose history dates back to early Christianity. Its impressive cloister is an oasis of peace and contemplation amidst the city’s turmoil. Another jewel of ecclesiastical architecture is located in the borough of Schwarzrheindorf on the right bank of the Rhine. The ‘double church’ of St. Mary and St. Clement (Doppelkirche St. Maria und St. Clemens) is in its origins a double chapel modelled on the Palatine Chapel of Aachen Cathedral. Its distinctive feature are the two naves, one superimposed on the other, each with an altar of its own.
The Kreuzbergkirche, outside of the city, is part of the rococo ensemble of the era of the Princes Elector.

Das Bonner Münster (The Bonn Minster)
URL: chen_und_religionsgemeinschaften/bonner_muenster/index.html? lang=de

Doppelkirche Schwarzrheindorf (The Double Church of Schwarzrheindorf)
URL: e/beuel/sehenswuerdigkeiten/06740/index.html?lang=de

Kreuzbergkirche (Church on the Kreuzberg)

The Double Church of Schwarzrheindorf © © borisb17/
The Double Church of Schwarzrheindorf. © borisb17/

Church on the Kreuzberg © © borisb17/
Church on the Kreuzberg. © borisb17/

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