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Haus der Natur

Forest as the basis of live

  1. Forests provide a valuable raw material: wood. It is a versatile building material and can also be used for making paper.
  2. Healthy forest soil filters pollutants from the water. It stores it and gradually releases it back into the groundwater.
  3. The leaves on the trees filter soot, dust, gases and radioactive substances from the air.
  4. A 100-year-old oak tree meets the oxygen needs of about 12 people.
  5. Tree roots keep the ground firmly in place. Without a forest it can be blown away by the wind and washed away by water.
  6. The forest does you good. It has been scientifically proven that a walk in the woods has a positive effect on our physical and mental health.
  7. The forest has a stabilising effect on the local climate. In summer it is up to 8°C cooler here than in city centres. Even individual street trees have a stabilising effect on temperature and humidity.
  8. Forests store carbon and are therefore good for the climate. The trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use sunlight to convert it into wood. The carbon remains stored in the wood. When we use the wood, it will remain there long after the lifetime of the tree.

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