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The Mayor Ashok Sridharan.

Mayor Ashok Sridharan

Dear Bonners, dear Guests of our City,

As the Mayor of Bonn, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to the City of Bonn’s official website

Bonn is a beautiful and vigorous city. As "Federal City” - the second political center of Germany and home to several federal ministries - Bonn is not a city "like any other”; it also represents the Federal Republic of Germany as the German United Nations City and powerhouse for global sustainability. Bonn stands for internationality and cosmopolitanism. Our 327,000 inhabitants may make it a comparatively small town, but it is far from being small-town. On the contrary, Bonn is the city of tomorrow, where the United Nations, as well as science and business, explore the issues that will affect humankind in the future. Our city must nonetheless assert itself, often competing against others, to be counted among Germany’s most attractive cities - and for that we must all work together.

You have come to in search of information about the city, its offers and its services. We have collected a wide array of information on our administration and business, family and society, and science and research, as well as extensive information on the international Bonn on this website for you. Learn more about our local seasonal highlights and cultural offers, about our city’s rich history and about the sites in town that are worth a visit. Check our calendar of events and our list of online services that may spare you a visit to City Hall or one of our district town halls. Our aim is to provide citizens and guests alike with the best possible services and assistance, to intensify dialogue and to enhance participation.

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