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Self-help groups

Bonn has a self-help contact and information office which:

  • Is the central point for all available information on self-help groups in Bonn
  • Puts interested parties in contact with existing groups
  • Helps to clarify what other forms of assistance are worth considering
  • Helps in the founding of new self-help groups
  • Makes rooms available to groups free of charge and helps in finding suitable space
  • Advises and supports self-help groups regarding organisational questions, group problems, public relations, and financial support opportunities
  • Works together with professional helpers from the social care and healthcare sectors
  • Promotes the concept of self-help to the public e.g. self-help group directory, self-help newsletter
  • Organises events e.g. self-help days, overall meetings

More information in German can be found at (opens in a new tab)