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Open vaccination campaign

Last vaccinations in municipal vaccination centre on 21 December 2022

As the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will no longer provide in-patient vaccination services on behalf of the state from 1 January 2023, the Federal City of Bonn will close its vaccination centre in the Stadthaus, Berliner Platz 2, before the end of this year. Vaccinations will be offered for the last time on Wednesday, 21 December 2022. 

Effective immediately, certain groups of people can get a second Corona booster vaccination at city vaccination sites and at vaccination sites contracted by the city government.

This applies to:

  • People from 60 years
  • People with immunodeficiency
  • Persons working in medical facilities and nursing homes with direct contact with residents or patients.
  • Children five years of age and older at increased risk for severe COVID-19 due to underlying disease

For most persons, this will then be the fourth vaccination against Corona.

The interval between the third vaccination should be at least six months for those working in nursing or medical settings, and at least three months for all other eligible individuals. If Covid19 infection has been diagnosed after three vaccinations, a fourth vaccination is not recommended.

Required documents

People aged twelve and over must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian and also need at least one parent or guardian's written consent (you can find a sample here: (opens in a new tab)). They will only be vaccinated with the Biontech vaccine. In these cases, the second vaccination will take place approximately four weeks later. People over the age of 16 can come alone and do not need the consent of a parent.

People who wish to be vaccinated are asked to bring their identity card and vaccination certificate, if available. Vaccination records will be filled out on site.

People without papers can also get vaccinated at the open vaccination campaigns without any red tape.