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Here you will find basic information, daily updated case numbers and further tips and advice on the topic of coronavirus.

Current figures

Currently Infected New infections/7 days 7-day incidence value
316 184 55.8

Status: February 27, 2021 (More figures  can be found here.)

Corona virus: current figures

The Corona numbers are usually updated daily between 10 and 11 a.m.

Since February 28, 2020, a total of 9,415 people have tested positive for coronavirus (as of Saturday, February 27). 186 people have died in connection with Covid-19. Meanwhile, 8,913 people have recovered and 316 are currently infected. 636 people are currently in quarantine.

In the past seven days, 184 new infections have been registered in Bonn; this corresponds to an incidence value of 55.8 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

There are currently 75 people from Bonn and the surrounding area in Bonn hospitals who have contracted Covid-19 (as of Friday, February 26). 47 patients are being cared for in normal wards, 28 people are in intensive care units, 17 of whom require ventilation.

As of Wednesday, Feb. 24, the health department has registered 135 cases of corona virus mutations since Jan. 28: 133 times the British variant and 2 times the Brazilian variant. With a total of 230 SARS-CoV 2 cases from Feb. 18 to Feb. 24 and 47 cases of the new British variant in the same time, that makes 20.4 percent share of variant. Currently, there are 84 cases of the British variant in quarantine (period Feb. 10-24).

As of Wednesday, February 24, 2021, a total of 19,130 people have received initial vaccination against coronavirus in Bonn. 6,869 initial vaccinations were given in care facilities, 3,506 in hospitals, 4,174 at the University Hospital in Bonn and 4581 at the Vaccination Center at WorldCCBonn.

A total of 7,328 people received the second vaccination, of which 4,633 in care facilities, 1,750 in hospitals and 945 at the University Hospital (update of the number of vaccinations currently once a week).

Further statistics, including a breakdown of those tested positive by age and gender, are available from the  North Rhine-Westphalia State Center for Health.

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