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Bonn as an international location

Shaping a sustainable future

UN Tower in Bonn.

Status: April 2022

Over the past two decades, Bonn has successfully established itself as the German city of the United Nations and as a center for international cooperation and hub for sustainable development. 25 United Nations organizations with over 1,000 employees are now based in Bonn, including the Climate Change Secretariat and the Secretariat to Combat Desertification. Under the motto "Shaping a sustainable future", the United Nations is working from Bonn towards this end. In addition to federal agencies and institutions of German development cooperation, numerous scientific institutions, companies and some 150 international and internationally active non-governmental organizations are also based in Bonn.

At the latest with the World Climate Conference in 2017 - the largest international conference in Germany to date with 22,000 participants - Bonn has also firmly established itself as a venue for major international conferences, to which the cosmopolitan attitude and hospitality of the people of Bonn have contributed.

UN Campus Bonn

Bonn has been the German city of the United Nations since July 1996. In July 2006, Chancellor Angela Merkel handed over the main building of today's UN Campus to the United Nations in Bonn. The German government had invested 55 million euros in the conversion of the former high-rise building for members of parliament, also known as "Langer Eugen". Almost all of Bonn's UN organizations work there under one roof. As the headquarters of the UN Climate Secretariat, the Old House of Representatives was converted as a model building ecology project and occupied in 2013. To meet the growing space requirements of the UN, another 18-story new building was constructed that meets the highest energy efficiency requirements and provides space for 330 employees. The "Climate Tower" was handed over for use to the United Nations by the German government at the beginning of 2022.

"UN Bonn - Shaping a Sustainable Future" is the thematic umbrella under which the institutions of the United Nations in Bonn are working together and with many partners on site. Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are their incentive for finding answers and ways to create a sustainable future on our planet.

In addition, there are organizations under international law such as the Global Crops Diversity Trust and the International Renewable Energy Agency's Innovation and Technology Center (IITC).