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Beethoven and Bonn

Beethovenfigur auf dem Bonner Münsterplatz/Beethoven figure on the Münsterplatz in Bonn
Interaktive Stelen informieren beim Beethovenrundgang/Interactive steles provide information on the Beethoven tour
Das Beethoven-Denkmal auf dem Münsterplatz/The Beethoven Monument on the Münsterplatz
Die Bonner UNO-Gespräche gehören fest zum internationalen Veranstaltungsprogramm/The Bonn UN talks are an integral part of the international events program

Bonn and Ludwig van Beethoven are inseparably linked. The great son of the city and his music are present everywhere, Bonn feels closely connected to him and committed to his legacy. After all, Beethoven was not only a brilliant artist, but also a passionate advocate of values like freedom and brotherhood that are still valid to this day.