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Brief advice on telecommunication in Germany and useful telephone directories.

You may order a private telephone line (Privatanschluss) at the T-com shops (Bonn city centre, Remigiusstraße or Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Koblenzer Str. 48, or at the Deutsche Telekom headquarters, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, central phone number: (freecall) 0800 330 1000 or simply visit: (opens in a new tab)

You may take over a telephone line from a previous customer by an "Auftrag für Übernahme eines Telefonanschlusses" (a fee will be charged). Telephones may be purchased from Deutsche Telekom. A booklet explaining telephone rates is available from Deutsche Telekom.

Under (opens in a new tab) you will find call-by-call numbers listing the current lowest prices for telephone calls in Germany and abroad (dial the indicated code followed by the complete area code plus number).

You may also choose another provider. Some may offer more attractive Internet and call-by-call rates, especially if you are calling outside of Germany. Having your telephone and Internet connection installed may take a bit of time. Please note that someone will have to be at home for the phone installation.

Local calls: dial the number without the area code (Vorwahl)

Long-distance calls: When dialling a number within Germany, dial the area code (which begins with "0") + the number

International calls: dial the country code (beginning with "00") + area code (omitting the "0") + the number

Directory Assistance: 11 8 33

National directory assistance: 11 8 80

German directory assistance in English: 11 8 37

International directory assistance: 11 8 34

In Germany you can be reached anywhere with a mobile phone. For newcomers in Germany from abroad too, it makes sense to use a mobile telephone with a German contract, whether for visits of a fixed duration or for more permanent relocation.

There are three large mobile network operators in Germany:

Telekom (D1) (opens in a new tab)

Vodafone (D2)
o2 (opens in a new tab)

It is useful to know that there are numerous resellers on the German market who offer their tariffs under other names and contractual terms; by utilising these operators, however, the user can make phone calls on one of the above-mentioned major networks.

In contrast to many other countries, in Germany every prepaid card has to be activated online. This means that even if one purchases a prepaid card in a store, before the SIM can be used, it first has to be registered via the portal of the operator.

Comparison portal of DSL rates, optional with telephone and /or internet flatrate: (opens in a new tab)