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Immigration Office (Ausländeramt).

The immigration office (Ausländeramt) deals with matters including the principal issues of immigration law, administrative dispute proceedings, asylum procedures, citizenship, naturalisation, expulsions, deportations, and international affairs.

The Ausländeramt at Oxfordstraße 19.

The Ausländeramt is located at:

Oxfordstraße 19
53111 Bonn

More information in German can be found below.

Point of contact for the staff of international organizations

Ms. Angelika Zilles and Ms. Lena Schnitzler from the Municipal Immigration Office serve as the point of contact for international organizations and enterprises in Bonn and will gladly assist them in matters relating to the aliens law.

Ms. Zilles and Ms. Schnitzler will help settle formalities and official matters relating to the stay of staff and dependants in Bonn, to the residence permit in Germany, the occupation / work permit for an interim or long-term stay in Bonn or in Germany.

Immigration Office (Ausländeramt)

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  • Giacomo Zucca / Bundesstadt Bonn
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  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn
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  • Giacomo Zucca / Bundesstadt Bonn

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