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Adult education center (VHS)

Life long learning is the uppermost principle of further education. The programme of the VHS covers every sphere of life and aims at capacity building, in particular in the fields of civic education, family education, languages, additional vocational training, cultural education, health, creative activities.

VHS Adult Education Center offers an English programme for expats

The Volkshochschule Bonn (VHS) adult education center includes classes in its regular programme which particularly address the English-speaking citizens of Bonn. The former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany has become Germany's UN City and has thus attracted a considerable number of international organisations. Many employees of the UN, of international institutions and global players, such as Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Post DHL, come from abroad. These so-called expats live and work in Bonn for a limited time. VHS provides these foreign guests with the opportunity to get to know their host city a little more and, at the same time, to get in contact with other citizens of Bonn.

Adult education center
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