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Mayor Dörner as city representative at sustainability state conference

At the invitation of NRW Environment Minister Oliver Krischer, Mayor Katja Dörner took part in the closing panel of the 9th NRW Sustainability Conference on Monday, September 11, 2023, in the Düsseldorf State Parliament. Bonn is one of the pioneering cities in NRW that have already introduced key elements for comprehensive municipal sustainability management with the development of a sustainability strategy, sustainability reporting and the introduction of a sustainability budget.

The conference, entitled "Together. Sustainable. Act." served as a dialog kick-off for the continuation of the NRW sustainability strategy. Around 400 participants from the NRW sustainability family attended the event.

In the panel discussion, OB Dörner discussed "Sustainability and Policy Coherence" with Minister Krischer and other guests. As a member of the German Federal Government's Council for Sustainable Development and the Dialogue on Sustainable Communities of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Mayor of Bonn is committed to strengthening the position of cities in sustainability policy at various political levels. She would also like to bring this experience to bear in the dialog process now beginning for the further development of NRW's sustainability strategy.

In many places, federal and state law are relevant for shaping sustainable development locally. For example, a new version of the legal framework is needed for the introduction of 30 km/h zones. To this end, Bonn has joined the initiative "Livable Cities and Communities through Appropriate Speeds." This initiative calls on the federal government to create the legal conditions for local authorities to be able to impose a 30 km/h speed limit in built-up areas. The financial scope of the municipalities will also be an issue, so that the cities can cope with the major tasks of the future.

Katja Dörner had been looking forward to the exchange: "The state of NRW has been very supportive of our commitment to sustainability. I welcome the fact that an extensive dialog process is now being launched to update the NRW sustainability strategy and that many stakeholders can get involved. To achieve sustainable change, we now need to move much more quickly into action at all levels."

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