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Stationary car sharing launched in Bonn

Stationary car sharing in Bonn was officially launched on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, on the square in front of Beuel City Hall. Mayor Katja Dörner, city planning officer Helmut Wiesner and the managing directors of the car-sharing organizations jointly presented the new service at a press event. With the vehicles of cambio, Grüne Flotte and scouter, the stationary car-sharing offer in the city area will be expanded by 155 parking spaces in public traffic areas.

Explaining the new stationary car-sharing offer on public traffic areas: (from left) Jonas Schmid (Grüne Flotte), Thomas Großnann (scouter), Mayor Katja Dörner, city planning officer Helmut Wiesner and Laurenz Miehe (cambio).

In the future, vehicles from the providers cambio, Grüne Flotte and scouter can be rented and returned at 73 locations in the city. The 155 permanent parking spaces have been signposted and 66 are already occupied by the providers. By the end of the year, the parking spaces will be successively occupied by the providers and the pavement markings - depending on the weather - will be applied. The service is evenly distributed across the city and complements the 30 mobile stations in Bonn and Beuel's city center. 

Successful tender in 2022

The three car-sharing organizations successfully participated in a tender in 2022. In a transparent tendering process, a total of 155 parking spaces at 73 locations in public traffic areas were awarded - 62 spaces to cambio, 48 spaces to Grüne Flotte and 45 spaces to scouter. The vehicles can be booked directly via the providers. The offer is made at the companies' own economic risk. For the use of the parking spaces, the city of Bonn charges special use fees of currently 60 euros per month in the inner city areas of Bonn, Beuel and Bad Godesberg and 15 euros in the remaining city area. Since car sharing is to be increasingly operated without emissions in the future, many locations will be successively equipped with a charging infrastructure.

Mayor Katja Dörner: "Particularly attractive for citizens"

"We have one goal: a CO2-neutral Bonn! With this offer, we want to make it easier to switch from the often unused private vehicle to a vehicle that can be rented when needed." The advantage of station-based car sharing is that vehicles are reliably available throughout the city and there is no need for a lengthy search for a parking space. The parking spaces have been set up in highly visible public spaces and in close proximity to various modes of transport. This makes it possible to link climate-friendly modes of transport.

"For citizens, the station-based offer is particularly attractive. For the city of Bonn, this system has therefore always been a high priority," emphasized the Mayor. She thanked all those involved, in particular the carsharing organizations, which invest a great deal themselves and bear a considerable private-sector risk: "We are delighted that you are working with us to shape the mobility turnaround in Bonn."

The car-sharing vehicles are booked via the providers' apps. (from left) Laurenz Miehe (cambio), Jonas Schmid (Grüne Flotte), Mayor Katja Dörner (at the vehicle) and Thomas Großnann (scouter).
Clearly marked and signposted are the parking spaces for the carsharing vehicles.

City planning officer Helmut Wiesner: "Sustainable mobility on the doorstep".

City Planning Officer Helmut Wiesner also emphasized the added value of the stations for the city: "With the offer, we want to create incentives to do without one's own car in the long term and counteract the usually tight parking situation. That's why the aim is to expand the system further." 

It is known from studies that one carsharing vehicle can replace between four and more than ten private vehicles. Thus, car sharing can lead to a perspective of around 900 fewer parking spaces needed in the city area. Car sharing also pays off financially. Up to an annual mileage of 10,000 kilometers, it is generally cheaper to use than owning a vehicle, as there are no expenses for taxes, insurance, repairs, or loss of value of the car. "We hope that citizens will see these advantages and embrace the offer of sustainable mobility on their doorstep," Wiesner said.

Statements of the providers

"As the largest carsharing provider in Bonn, we welcome the new developments in carsharing. With 60 stations and 130 vehicles in Bonn, we are always close by. Our big plus is the networking in the region, in addition to Bonn, there is cambio in the surrounding communities - also in the Eifel - all bookable in an app," said Laurenz Miehe, location manager of cambio.

"We, Grüne Flotte Carsharing, are very excited about the developments in Bonn," said Jonas Schmid, business development and strategy at Grüne Flotte. "Car sharing is a resource-saving approach to offer individual mobility in a sustainable context and to ensure it in the future. Grüne Flotte is looking forward to further development and expansion as well as to many new customers from the Bonn city area, as well as the surrounding Rhein-Sieg district." 

"In Bonn, a market has emerged with three car sharers in the public transport area offering true station-based car sharing. This is unique in a city of this size and creates exceptionally good conditions for the people of Bonn*. I'm sure people will be happy to use it," explained Thomas Großnann, Managing Director of scouter.

Using instead of owning. For a livable city

Bonn wants to become climate neutral by 2035 and comply with the 1.5 degree CO2 budget of the Paris Climate Agreement. Car sharing is an important building block in achieving the mobility turnaround needed to achieve this. A carsharing vehicle enables mobility without having to own a (second) car and can replace between and more than ten private vehicles. This not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also parking space requirements. In city centers in particular, this creates space for other, climate-friendly uses, such as cycling and walking. The stationary service is particularly attractive for users, as it eliminates the need for a lengthy search for a parking space.

Information on the project and the measures is available on the Internet at  this site.