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Solidarity partnership with Ukrainian Kherson to be expanded

The City of Bonn would like to further expand and intensify the solidarity partnership with the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which was initiated in the spring of 2023. While the initial focus was primarily on providing monetary and in-kind donations to support Kherson with what the city most urgently needs, cultural and professional exchanges are now also to be strengthened.

Letter of Intent to be signed

The city administration informs all political stakeholders about the state of affairs of the solidarity partnership in a current communication. A very close and regular exchange is taking place between the two administrations. In the discussions it has become clear that, beyond the donation partnership, there is a great interest on the Ukrainian side in cultural and professional exchange. Discussions are therefore currently underway to determine whether and in what form such projects can be carried out. For the further development of the solidarity partnership, a letter of intent is to be concluded.

Donation partnership "Bonn helps Kherson”

In order to help the suffering people in Kherson quickly, the City of Bonn and the Bonn aid organization "Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe" launched the donation project "Bonn hilft Cherson" (Bonn helps Kherson) already in March. The City and the organization are working together to collect donations for humanitarian projects in Kherson. Due to the ongoing attacks and the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in early June, many people in Kherson and the region are in need of help.

With the appeal "Bonn helps Kherson - help too!", the City of Bonn and "Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe" have been calling for donations for this partnership on digital display boards in the city area. By the beginning of September, around 70,000 euros in donations had been collected, which will be used to help flood victims and to improve the technical equipment of a children's hospital in Kherson (including the procurement of X-ray and incubation equipment for newborns). The campaign page  "Bonn helps Kherson" (opens in a new tab) provides information about the specific measures taken to date. 

In the second half of 2023, further activities are planned as part of the donation partnership. In August, Mayor Katja Dörner wrote to the schools in Bonn asking them to support the donation project. With various actions such as fundraising runs, flea markets or concerts, the Bonn schools can make a contribution to the support of the city of Kherson. The schools will receive information and advertising materials free of charge. The participating school classes will also be awarded a certificate.

Moreover, the donation partnership will be promoted at the final concert of the Beethovenfest on September 24. In addition to a "Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe" booth in the foyer of the opera house, there will also be a full-page ad in the program booklet. As part of the Bonn SDG Days, "Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe" will be represented with an information stand on September 30 on the occasion of the "Bonn Fest". In addition, donations for the partnership will also be called for during the sustainability program on the stage at the market. Further events are in preparation.

Mayor Katja Dörner underlines the importance of the solidarity partnership for the people in Kherson: "I am very happy about every action of solidarity within the framework of this partnership. In this way, as Bonn citizens, we are sending clear signals of solidarity with the people in Ukraine. This is encouraging in this terrible, inhumane war."

Donation of municipal vehicles

In July 2023, three municipal vehicles (a crew transport vehicle of the Bonn Fire Department as well as a street cleaning vehicle and a waste collection vehicle of "bonnorange AöR" were brought to Kherson as a donation. The transport was carried out by a forwarding agency with logistic and financial support provides by "Technisches Hilfswerk". The vehicles arrived in Kherson on July 15 and 18, respectively, and have been in use since then. Two more vehicles are expected to be procured by GIZ and handed over to the City of Bonn by the end of the year as part of the BMZ-funded project "Improving Civil Protection in Municipal Partnerships with Ukraine". The City will then organize the transport to Kherson.

Collection of donations in kind by ZeSaBo

As a result of the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, the Central Warehouse for Donations In Kind Bonn (ZeSaBo) accepted donations in kind to cope with the flood disaster and support the people of Kherson. These included technical equipment and tools, office equipment, medical products and hygiene articles. The donations were delivered to Kherson by the association "Blue Yellow Cross" at the beginning of August. The City of Bonn also donated 144 computers, which were exchanged for laptops and will be used by the Kherson city administration.

Solidarity events and rallies

Numerous associations and initiatives have organized solidarity events for the people in Ukraine over the recent weeks and months. The City of Bonn has supported some of these events, including the "Ukraine Day" at the Bonn Museum of Art on August 19 and the Ukrainian Independence Day event in front of the Old Town Hall on August 24. A charity concert for Kherson is also planned for October 1, for which the Mayor has already assumed the patronage.

Coordination of the solidarity partnership Bonn Kherson is carried out by the Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability. 

All queries relating to the partnership may be directed to  chersonbonnde.