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Program for Bonn’s Fair Week Available Now

Under the motto "Fair und kein Grad mehr!” (Fair and not a single degree more), #Fairhandeln für Klimagerechtigkeit weltweit, the nationwide Fair Week starts on Friday, September 15, 2023. The City of Bonn will again participate in the action weeks until September 29 and has published a program booklet with all registered events - including lectures and city tours, a fashion show and film screenings.

Fair Week is organized by the Fair Trade Forum with its cooperation partners Transfair and the World Shop Association. It highlights the need for a global shift towards a sustainable and fair economy and way of life. 

The focus this year is on climate justice with the global challenge of limiting global warming, supporting emerging and developing countries in climate protection and protecting poor people against climate risks. For it is clear that those who are poor are most affected by the climate crisis and at the same time have contributed the least to global warming. The richest one percent of humanity emits about twice as much CO2 as the entire poorer half of the world's population. The countries that are already most affected by extreme weather are in the vast majority situated in the global South, which is also mostly poor. 

Climate justice means that all people - regardless of where they live or what social status they have - must have the right to live protected from climate change in a just and sustainable world. Fair Trade is committed to climate justice, for example with regard to cultivation methods or the conversion to sustainable and ecological agriculture. In addition, it supports small farmers in climate adaptation measures. 

The program booklet for Fair Week in Bonn shows the commitment of Bonn citizens to these goals: From September 15 to 29, around 30 events, organized by both the City and many active members of civil society, invite visitors to inform, discuss and get involved. One highlight is the festival "Bonn - All Around Sustainable" to kick off the Fair Week on Saturday, September 16, on Münsterplatz in the city center. With this event, the City wants to arouse enthusiasm for sustainable living in Bonn. More than 40 initiatives, organizations and associations from Bonn and the surrounding area will present their commitment to ecological and social sustainability. 

Printed booklets are available at the Bonn Information and in the City Hall.