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Bonn - All around sustainable: Fair fashion show to climate facts check

Just in time for the start of the nationwide Fair Week, the City of Bonn invites you to the festival "Bonn - All Around Sustainable" on the Münsterplatz on Saturday, September 16, 2023. From 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., everything will revolve around sustainable living in Bonn and the surrounding area. More than 40 initiatives, organizations and associations will present their commitment to ecological and social sustainability and invite visitors to participate with various activities.

At 11:30 a.m., Mayor Katja Dörner and Director Stefan Schmitz of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, the city's annual partner, will open the festival. Highlights on stage include a fair fashion show featuring Bonn labels and stores, a talk with the Südwind Institute on the Fair Week's theme of the year, "Climate Justice," and an interview with the city's Climate Neutral Bonn 2035 program office on the second edition of the Bonn Climate Prize. In addition, "Astatine & Sobo" play lively world music ranging from Gypsy jazz to Latin swing. The children's and youth choir of Theater Bonn will also make an appearance.

Until 5 p.m., around 40 initiatives, associations and organizations will provide information about their work on various focal points: from eco-fair clothing, waste avoidance and recycling to local organic farming, regional food supply and nature in the city to better labor rights in production countries of the global South. They invite people to join in the conversation and participate, provide practical tips and show how sustainable living in the city is possible. 

Those interested can also try out some practical things: For example, the Bonn Repair Cafés will work with visitors at their booth to repair broken items brought to the event - including bicycles, if you register in advance (inforepaircafesbonnde). At the booth of the association Abenteuer lernen, children and young people can build a "city of the future" that can be traversed by small, programmable robots. Children can make flowers or put together bouquets at "Aufblühen! Slow Flower Bonn. Another hands-on activity is offered by the aid organization Don Bosco Mission Bonn with its do-it-yourself workshop: visitors can make their own soap, shampoo or detergent.

In the tent of the research collective Correctiv, there will be various activities throughout the day, including a workshop on the topic of "Climate facts in a fact check" and talks on climate justice, both locally and internationally. An exciting and educational walk through the city center is offered by the Greenwalker initiative on the topic of climate and fairly produced clothing. This will also address the question of how sustainable Bonn's textile stores are.