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Urban October 2021

Urbanisation has become one of the most important dynamics of our time, making cities key actors for sustainable development. In this regard, the United Nations launched the Urban October, an event month in which UN-Habitat calls for events on urban sustainability and to raise the awareness in research, politics and the public. 

The urban projects at GIZ, took this as an opportunity and jointly created the GIZ Urban October the fourth year in a row, to exchange our knowledge and start discussions on urban topics with you: from climate resilience and economic development to social cohesion and digitalisation - the range of issues to be discussed is broad. The GIZ URBAN OCTOBER 2021 outlines in more than 30 events the cross-cutting relevance of sustainable urban development within and beyond GIZ. Take a look into the GIZ URBAN OCTOBER 2021 Event Programme and join one of the exiting events.

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