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A565: Closure of the southern section of the "Endenicher Ei" including ramps

With the closure of the southern section of the "Endenicher Eis" on the A565, Autobahn GmbH started construction work for the planned replacement of the structure since Monday, November 13.

The graphic representation of the detour for pedestrians (blue) and cyclists (green) that will apply from November 13.

This is a press release from Autobahn GmbH:

Car traffic on the intersecting B56 can continue to flow in two lanes in both directions with the help of the temporary bridge in the middle. The partial closure on the B56 will probably have to be maintained until the end of 2024, as the southern section of the structure will be demolished and rebuilt during this period. The two southern ramps leading from Endenicher Ei towards the Poppelsdorf junction (Reuterstraße) and in the opposite direction from Poppelsdorf (Reuterstraße) to the Endenich junction will also be closed.

Drivers are advised to use the neighboring A565 junctions to reach the city center.At the same time, Autobahn GmbH Rheinland will be carrying out the necessary clearing work along the southern ramp of Endenicher Ei in the direction of Poppelsdorf from November 13, as agreed with the Lower Landscape Authority.This work along the route to the residential area is a prerequisite for the demolition and new construction of the existing retaining wall and the southern ramp.

The closure of the southern section of the Endenicher Ei will also result in changes for pedestrians and cyclists.


From Monday (13.11.) until probably the end of 2024, the footpath on the south side of Endenicher Ei will be closed coming from Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring in the direction of Endenicher Straße. This closure will have to be maintained throughout the work on the southern part of the structure, as the southern part of the structure will be demolished and rebuilt during this period. A permanent detour for pedestrians will take place through the pedestrian tunnel below the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring and further along the north side of Endenicher Ei. On Endenicher Straße, pedestrians will be able to cross using the existing pedestrian traffic lights. This applies to both directions. Info: For residents of Humperdinckstraße, access to the properties is still possible.


The existing cycle path at Endenicher Ei in the direction of the city center will be closed to cyclists from Monday (13.11.) for the planned construction period of four years. A permanent cycle path detour has been set up in coordination with the city of Bonn. It will lead from Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring via Frongasse, Endenicher Straße, Regerstraße, Brahmsstraße, Wiesenweg, Schubertstraße and Wesselbahnweg to Endenicher Straße.

Information fair on December 11

Further information: An information fair on the Endenicher Ei project is planned by Autobahn GmbH Rheinland for interested parties and residents on December 11 from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Venue: Harmonie Bonn, Frongasse 28, 53121 Bonn. More information on the project is also available on the website (opens in a new tab)