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Corona vaccinations currently with Moderna

As of Monday, November 29, 2021, the federal Department of Health and Human Services is making less Biontech vaccine available for Corona virus vaccinations.

For this reason, from now on, the equivalent mRNA vaccine from Moderna will be used for first, second and booster vaccinations of persons aged 30 years and older at the vaccination center in the city hall and the open vaccination campaigns of the Federal City of Bonn. Persons under 30 years of age and pregnant women should be vaccinated exclusively with the Biontech vaccine according to the current recommendation of the STIKO. This is expected to be available again the week of Dec. 6. If, contrary to expectations, the city receives Biontech vaccine doses earlier, this will be communicated in a timely manner.

The City draws attention to the fact that, according to STIKO recommendations, a booster vaccination for individuals should generally be given six months apart from the last vaccine dose of the basic immunization. An exception is a previous vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine: Here, the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) recommends a booster vaccination already after four weeks. 

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