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With a diverse sports and cultural program and in the presence of many guests, the first section of the Reuterpark was officially inaugurated on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Mayor Katja Dörner, NRW Minister for Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Digitalization, Ina Scharrenbach, District Mayor Jochen Reeh-Schall and representatives of the initiative "Ein Platz für Alle" (A Place for All) cut the ribbon during a small ceremony.

"With its well thought-out, inclusive concept, Reuterpark has become a very special place in Bonn where everyone should feel comfortable. There is a wide range of barrier-free play, sports and recreation facilities - and something for everyone. I am very pleased that all the trees have been preserved on site, and additional ones have been planted," said Mayor Dörner. "I would like to thank the initiative 'Ein Platz für Alle' for its great commitment and the Sports and Public Pools Department as well as the Department for Environment and Urban Greenery for the implementation of the project. In addition, I thank the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for its financial support, which made this lighthouse project possible."

"As the first inclusively designed park in Bonn, Reuterpark is a milestone for the city and urban society. The park is an excellent example of how urban development funding can help improve life in our cities and communities. And Reuterpark offers many highlights that will make young and old shine. The federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are supporting this construction project with funding of 2.115 million euros. I am sure that the park will also serve as an example for many other communities on how inclusion can be thought out and implemented in urban planning," said NRW Minister Scharrenbach.

"Transforming Reuterpark into a 'place for everyone' has been our great heart's project for many years. We are incredibly pleased that with the realization of the first construction phase, this goal has now been achieved and really everyone, young and old, people with and without disabilities, will benefit from the easily accessible facility," says Marion Frohn, Managing Director of the Behinderten-Gemeinschaft Bonn, which is part of the initiative "Ein Platz für Alle". 

The initiative is made up of representatives of various organizations from the fields of work with the disabled, assistance for the elderly, sports and youth welfare - in addition to the disabled community, the association "Der Paritätische Bonn", the Bonn City Sports Association, the Children's and Youth Circle and the association "Lucky Luke" are also involved. The initiative was launched in 2013, followed by many citizen participations that dealt with the design of the park. They also played a major role in the inauguration program. For example, the moderation of the stage program was inclusive, featuring sign language interpreters. 

On the occasion of the inauguration, the City of Bonn, in cooperation with many partners from the city, various inclusive bands and dance groups, put together an inclusive sports and cultural program for the whole family and for the citizens of Bonn. Sports, music and many booths - with sports and games as well as cultural formats and a culinary offer - ensured a good atmosphere. 

New additions to the park

Highlights of the Reuterpark include a barrier-free skate and pump track facility that is also suitable for wheelchair athletes and many inclusive play and climbing equipment for children that stimulate the senses of hearing and touch, for example. In addition, there is a boules court, a dog area, sunbathing lawns, and many seating areas scattered throughout the site. The park is barrier-free and the newly laid paths are asphalted, which makes it much easier for wheelchair and walker users to access the park. Both the Haus der Jugend, which is directly adjacent to the park, and the nearby Bonn Fünfte comprehensive school can use the park for their activities.

Construction time and costs

Construction work started in January 2022 and lasted until March 2023, since when the park has already been open to the public. This is the southern park area with a surface area of around 15,000 square meters of the total 2.3-hectare site. The park in the Kessenich district extends between Reuterstrasse, Hausdorffstrasse, August-Bier-Strasse and Bonner Talweg. The northern part of the park is planned in a second construction phase. Planning for this is already underway.

The costs of the first construction phase amount to around three million euros. Of this, around 2.1 million euros was subsidized by funding from the "Social Integration in Neighborhoods" investment pact of the federal government and the NRW State Ministry for Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Digitalization.