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"Welcome Point" for refugees from Ukraine in the first contact point

In the initial contact point for refugees from Ukraine, Ernst-Robert-Curtius-Straße 12 in Buschdorf, the Federal City of Bonn will set up a "Welcome Point" from Monday, May 9, 2022.

There, people will receive information on the topics of residence, benefits and accommodation, as well as an initial health check including vaccinations. In addition, appointments can be made for the service center to register in Bonn. This is the prerequisite for all further official steps. In addition, the "Welcome Point" offers initial advice on questions relating to immigration law.

"At the initial arrival point, refugees can initially rest, spend the night and are provided with meals. With the 'Welcome Point', we are supplementing our offer with important information so that people know what official steps they need to take," explains Mayor Katja Dörner. "This is another step toward ensuring the best possible arrival in our city." Her thanks go to the departments involved.

As of Thursday, May 12, 2022, the city administration will house the first refugees at Siebengebirgsstraße 200 in the Beuel district. Further information will be announced in the coming week. In addition, the Mallwitzstraße 2-4 shelter in the Bad Godesberg borough is expected to be prepared in the course of May 2022.

In the meantime, from February 24, 2022 to May 4, 2022 inclusive, a total of 3,548 refugees from Ukraine have registered in Bonn at the service center of the citizen services. As of May 5, 2022, the city administration has accommodated a total of 1,997 refugees from Ukraine: 240 in municipal accommodations, 92 in apartments, 1,096 in hotels, and 569 persons have been placed in private accommodations.

Meanwhile, the Foreigners' Registration Office has received 1,816 applications for residence permits for temporary protection. Each so-called fiction certificate issued for this purpose contains the passage that any gainful employment is permitted. The city administration does not know how many people have actually taken up work in the meantime, as the specific employment does not have to be approved.

The Office of Social Affairs and Housing has recorded about 2,000 cases for benefits in the meantime. Benefits have already been paid to 1,069 communities in need (households). This corresponds to benefits being granted to 1,894 people. In addition, the Social Welfare Office has issued 1,596 health cards and 430 health treatment vouchers.

In the meantime, 58 Ukrainian children are being cared for in municipal institutions and institutions run by independent organizations. The children are all cared for almost exclusively within the framework of additional visiting places. In many cases, the care is provided on an hourly basis.

Bridge projects for children under six years of age are currently offered by the Office for Children, Youth and Family in three collective accommodations for refugees with a total of six employees. An independent provider offers 21 additional services at a total of 15 locations for a total of 126 children. An expansion of the bridge projects due to the influx of refugees from Ukraine is planned or already being implemented. 

In addition, around 550 Ukrainian schoolchildren have been reported at Bonn schools, with an upward trend): around 220 children at elementary school, around 270 children/adolescents at lower secondary level and a further 60 adolescents at upper secondary level at secondary schools.

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