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Bonn City Council adopts roadmap to climate neutrality

A decisive step taken on the road to a climate-neutral Bonn: on March 23, 2023, the Bonn City Council adopted a target resolution on the "Climate Plan 2035". Intensive political consultations in all specialist committees over the past three months preceded this decision.

"I am extremely pleased that our roadmap for a climate-neutral and livable Bonn has been adopted. The administration is well prepared and highly motivated to tackle necessary and forward-looking climate activities. I invite all Bonn citizens to become involved and shape Bonn's future. The Climate Plan offers numerous opportunities to do so," said Mayor Katja Dörner. 

The Climate Plan 2035 consists of two parts: The overall strategy describes what can - and must be - done throughout Bonn to achieve climate neutrality and stay within the 1.5-degree budget of the Paris Climate Agreement. The "Climate Action Plan" lists what the administration itself will implement and offer within the framework of the overall strategy by the end of 2025. Almost 70 activities outline a consistent, courageous and socially just path to the goal, inviting the people of Bonn with numerous offers to get involved and help shape the future city. 

The Climate Plan was developed in 2022 on behalf of the City by a consortium of experts (Jung Stadtkonzepte, Gertec Ingenieurgesellschaft, Wuppertal Institute). All departments and offices as well as municipal holding companies such as bonnorange AöR, Stadtwerke Bonn and VEBOWAG were involved. 

The target resolution now initiates the implementation of the Climate Plan: As soon as the 2023/2024 double budget is released, the City can allocate the necessary financial resources and create and fill the necessary staff positions. The next steps will be to work out the details of the activities agreed in principle in the target resolution and to prepare the necessary resolutions for implementation, which still have to be passed by the political bodies.

Climate Plan and Bonn4Future - two plans become a joint roadmap

The Council also adopted a resolution on the results of the participatory process "Bonn4Future - Wir fürs Klima". The extensive procedure was initiated and developed by the “Bonn im Wandel” transition town initiative. It was implemented over the past two years with funding and in cooperation with the city administration - a unique process nationwide. More than 320 randomly selected citizens, a number of important stakeholders in Bonn as well as employees of the city administration and municipal enterprises all have worked out a "Citizens' Climate Action Plan" in four Bonn4Future climate forums. In seven fields of action, there are 37 action plans with over 200 concrete first steps to respond to the question: How can we achieve it together?

A comparison of the recommendations of Bonn's citizens with the city's Climate Plan 2035 by the “Bonn im Wandel” initiative and the consortium of experts revealed that many of the citizens' proposals tie in thematically with the Working Program on Climate Protection, while others fill important gaps for the success of the project. Following a decision by the City Council, the administration will now examine which results from the process can be implemented within the work program that has now been adopted and which other innovative proposals from the process can be taken into account in the updated version of the Climate Plan.