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Coronavirus: First sports halls open again for sports clubs

From Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the city of Bonn will provide sports clubs with the first sports halls for contact-free sports and training operations.

The following sports facilities are released: Sports halls in the sports park Pennenfeld incl. Gymnasium Lannesdorf, gymnasium Wasserland, Hardtberghalle, Josef-Strunck-Halle, Sporthalle Ringstraße, gymnasium Sternenburgstraße, gymnasium Schmittstraße, triple hall Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg An der Josefshöhe, gymnasium former Pestalozzischule, gymnasium Rölsdorfstraße, gymnasium Liestraße, gymnasiums of the former Michaelschule Alt Godesberg, gymnasium Chemnitzer Weg, gymnasium Magdalenenkreuz 26.

Meanwhile, the school sports halls cannot yet be reopened for sports. The reason for this is the Corona care regulation, which provides for a general ban on entering schools. Here the city is waiting for clarification by the state.

"I am glad that in a first step we can make sports halls available to sports clubs again," says Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan.


The use of sports halls for sporting purposes places special demands on hygiene measures and infection protection. To ensure these, the municipal building management of the city provides a sufficient quantity of liquid soap and paper towels in the toilet rooms of the aforementioned gymnasiums and sports halls. This work will be completed by the time the gymnasiums are put back into operation. The cleaning of the sports halls by the City of Bonn will be carried out to the previous extent. Gymnastics benches will be provided in the halls for accompanying persons, on which the places will be marked in accordance with the distance rules. The accompanying persons have to wear a mouth and nose protection during the whole time.

It is the responsibility of the sports clubs to comply with the following conditions:

  • Entrance to the sports facility should take place one after the other, without queues, with appropriate mouth-and-nose protection and in compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 metres.
  • The different sports groups should not meet in the hall. Therefore, the hall must only be entered after the start of the period of use and must be left before the end of the period of use.
  • The person of the association responsible for the exercise unit must ensure that sufficient hand disinfectant is provided before each exercise unit.
  • Mouth and nose masks must be worn before and after the sports unit. It can be taken off during training.
  • Large sports equipment (such as bars and gymnastics boxes) can neither be disinfected nor wet cleaned. They are therefore not available until further notice.
  • The small equipment in the gymnasiums and sports halls must be disinfected by the clubs before and after use. If possible, own sports equipment should be used.

Current figures

Since 29 February 2020, a total of 693 people have tested positive for Covid-19 (as of Sunday, 17 May). Six people have died as a result of the coronavirus infection, 667 people have recovered and 20 have become acutely ill.

In the hospitals in Bonn there are 28 people from Bonn, the surrounding area and abroad who have fallen ill with Covid-19. 17 of them are cared for in normal wards, 11 are in intensive care units, seven of them have to be ventilated.

With the emergency mechanism introduced by the federal and state governments to counter rising infection rates of 50 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, the limit for the federal city of Bonn with more than 330,000 inhabitants is 165 cases. In the past seven days, 5 new infections have been registered in Bonn; this corresponds to 1.52 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

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