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Corona incidence value drops below the 50 mark

The corona incidence value for Bonn has dropped below the 50 mark. On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, it is 46.7 related to 100,000 inhabitants. In the past seven days, 154 new infections have occurred.

According to the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the country, the assignment to a lower incidence level (in this case incidence level 2 with a 7-day incidence of 50-35) occurs if the respective threshold value is fallen below on five consecutive working days (Sunday is not counted), with effect for the day after next. If the incidence level for Bonn remains below the 50 level, the next opening steps could be implemented starting Wednesday, June 16, and further relaxations would apply.

Incidence level 50-35

If the city of Bonn officially reaches the 50-35 incidence level, regulations will include the following:

  • Contact restrictions: Meetings in public spaces without limit allowed for relatives from three households, plus ten people with test from any household.
  • Concerts inside as well as theaters, opera, cinemas up to 500 people with seating plan and test.
  • Sports outside: non-contact sports without limit of people, contact sports with 25 people with test.
  • Indoor sports: Contact sports with 12 people with test.
  • Opening of the baths with limitation of persons and with test
  • Retail not serving basic needs: limit of one person per ten square feet
  • Private events outside with up to 100 people, inside with up to 50 guests with test
  • Gastronomy: outdoor gastronomy without test, opening of indoor gastronomy (test and space requirement)
  • Tourism: full catering for private guests

A comprehensive overview will be published by the City of Bonn probably from Monday, June 14, on the website

Broadcasting of the European Championship matches

According to the decision of the city's crisis management team, matches of the European Football Championship (June 11 to July 11) may be shown in outdoor gastronomy with sound until midnight at the latest.

The city urgently appeals to pay particular attention to compliance with the minimum distances when "pack watching". If the minimum distances cannot be maintained, a mask must always be worn.

The following "rules of the game" must be observed during the broadcast of the European Football Championship:

  • Catering establishments and guests must comply with the specifications of the currently valid Corona Protection Ordinance of the country, in particular the distance rules.
  • If distance rules cannot be observed, at least one medical mask must be worn.
  • Screens shall be oriented so that they show the games into the outdoor dining area, but do not entice people passing by or walking by to stop and watch the game.
  • If crowds form outside the outdoor dining area, the broadcast shall be interrupted until the crowd has dispersed.
  • Sound equipment and loudspeakers shall be aimed so as to minimize the sound impact on the neighborhood.
  • Noise-producing instruments or equipment shall not be used.
  • After 10 p.m. (the start of the night's rest), caterers must ensure that disturbances to the neighborhood remain within reasonable limits.
  • Up to a maximum of 30 minutes after the final whistle, maximum 24 o'clock, the broadcasting of commentaries and game analyses is permitted to a small extent.

City officials will monitor compliance. "These checks pose additional challenges for the city's public order service, which has already been under great strain for more than a year due to the controls of the Corona regulations," says Günter Dick, head of citizen services. He asks at the same time for understanding: "The city order service can not be everywhere at the same time!"

Still only second vaccinations in the vaccination center

In accordance with the decree of the state, only second vaccinations continue to take place in the Bonn vaccination center. Persons under 60 years of age who were initially vaccinated with Astrazeneca will receive only a second vaccination with an mRNA vaccine after 12 weeks. If this is not desired, appropriate individuals must contact their primary care physicians. Vaccinations in refugee shelters and for homeless people have been completed.

As of 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 179,291 primary vaccinations and 84,512 secondary vaccinations have been administered in Bonn.

Current figures

14,452 laboratory-confirmed Covid 19 cases have been reported to the health department since February 28, 2020. 13,819 people are considered recovered, 244 people have died in association with the coronavirus, and 389 people are acutely infected. 925 people from Bonn are currently in quarantine.

At present, 63 people from Bonn and the surrounding area who have Covid-19 are in Bonn hospitals. 47 patients are being cared for in normal wards, 16 people are in intensive care units, 13 of whom require ventilation.


Stadtordnungsdienst and Wache GABI (Joint Contact Point Bonn City Center) have continued the Corona controls. In the past seven days, a total of 83 charges have been filed for violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance (mandatory masks, contact and distance regulations). The fine office has received a total of 5,860 reports since March 2020, and 4,200 fine notices have been issued.

Fountains will bubble up again

As the incidence in Bonn has been falling for days, the city's crisis team has decided to put the fountains in the city area back into operation. Starting June 10, the water fountains will be turned on gradually. Initially, the large fountains in downtown Bonn and the district centers will bubble. One exception is the fountain on the upper Kaiserplatz. Due to damage to one of the natural stone mushrooms, it will have to be repaired first.


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