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UN75 Campaign: Dialogue for a better world

The City of Bonn and the United Nations jointly draw attention to the UN75 campaign. For several weeks, 32 banners on Kennedybrücke as well as ten large information pillars that have been set up on Heussallee, Welckerstrasse and Dahlmannstrasse will provide visibility and information around the United Nations initiative and encourage Bonn's citizens to participate.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations on 26 June 2020, around 100 UN flags will also shortly decorate the city, such as on the Brassert and Rathenau river banks, the Beuel banks, or at the roundabout in Rheinaue park, Ria-Maternus-Platz at Bad Godesberg and the Hardtberg town hall.

Mayor Ashok Sridharan hopes that many citizens of the German United Nations City of Bonn will take part in the UN survey: "For its 75th birthday, the United Nations wants to have everyone on board, in accordance with the motto of Agenda 2030. I know that many people in Bonn feel a sense of solidarity with the work of the UN; we notice this every year at the Bonn UN Day celebration on our Market Square. Now is an opportunity to help shape the work of the United Nations for sustainability and the future worldwide".

Worldwide survey for the 75th anniversary 

The UN75 Campaign is a comprehensive dialogue on the role of global cooperation in shaping our future, taking place around the world this year to mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.  
Since January 2020, the United Nations has been conducting dialogues in various formats - across borders, sectors and generations. The aim is to reach out to the global public, to respond to people’s hopes and fears and to learn from their experiences. 

The UN75 initiative aims to initiate dialogue and action to build a better world, also in view of the many challenges the world is currently facing. The Campaign seeks to bring the dialogue to all sectors of society - to classrooms and meeting rooms, to parliaments and community centers. A particular focus is on the voices of young people and those who are excluded and not heard.

Global vision for the year 2045 

With these dialogues, the UN75 campaign aims to create a global vision for the year 2045, the year in which the UN will reach 100 years of existence. The Campaign also wants to encourage the implementation of this vision and draw attention to the threats for the future. In parallel, global opinion polls and media analyses will be conducted to provide statistical data. Users can take part in the UN75 survey online at and express their views, amongst other topics, on what international cooperation should look like in the future. 

According to the United Nations, initial results of the opinion polls from 186 countries indicate overwhelming public support for international cooperation - with a significant increase since the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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