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Assistance software improves low-barrier access to city websites

With Eye-Able, the city administration now offers even better barrier-free access for its websites. People with impaired vision can modify the display individually.

From now on, the city's web presence can be modified individually. This means that not only people with impaired vision can fully adapt the display to their needs. And this is independent of their own technical aids or the browser used to access the Internet pages.

The program is controlled via an icon at the top of the page. Font size, contrast mode, blue filter and much more can be set. In addition, the content can now also be read aloud.

Data protection when using the external program is guaranteed; all transmitted data and servers remain within the European Union. 

The application was realized with the help of the e-government team of the IT department of the Bonn city administration. It develops in-house applications, tests new technologies and integrates ready-made software solutions with the aim of offering administrative services in a simpler, more user-friendly and more efficient way.