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Refugees: City starts operating third large shelter from July 1

After the Siebengebirgsstraße 200 in Roleber (Municipality of Beuel) and the Mallwitzstraße 2-4 in Lannesdorf (Municipality of Bad Godesberg), the Wielandstraße 4 will be the third large accommodation that the city administration can provide within a few weeks. 

In addition, the city intends to install two container facilities in the city area: once in the street "In der Raste" in Dottendorf (Municipality of Bonn), the other in the street "Am Herz-Jesu-Kloster" in Pützchen/Bechlinghoven (Municipality of Beuel). The planning phase is currently underway for both locations.

"With Wielandstrasse 4, we will be able to accommodate some of the people housed in hotels in the short term in municipal accommodations," explains social affairs officer Carolin Krause. Despite the success, the acquisition of apartments and buildings by the Municipal Building Management continues to have very high priority.

Up to and including Thursday, June 8, 2022, 4,193 refugees from Ukraine have officially registered with the city administration in Bonn, 337 of whom have since moved away again. The city has accommodated 2,369 people - 545 people in municipal accommodation, 184 in apartments, 1,023 in hotels, and 617 were placed privately.

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