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Pützchens Markt 2022: Great anticipation for the folk festival

After a two-year Corona break, the merry-go-rounds will be turning again on the market meadows in Pützchen in 2022. The traditional funfair will take place as usual on the second weekend in September (September 9 to 13) in Bonn-Beuel-Pützchen.

Ralf Bockshecker, Head of Citizens' Services, Market Manager Kathrin Krumbach and Ralf Birkner, Head of the District Administration in Beuel, presented the highlights of the fair, which is traditionally organized by the City of Bonn, at a press briefing in the City Hall on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

Bockshecker: "We are very pleased that Pützchens Markt, the largest event for which we as a city are responsible, can finally take place again this year." The city usually expects more than one million guests on the five days of the fair.

Market manager Kathrin Krumbach adds: "Showmen and showwomen continue to take great interest in coming to our traditional funfair. Even though we have received fewer applications than before the Corona pandemic, visitors may again look forward to a great event with all that goes with it." 

Exciting new attractions and thrilling “returnees”

In addition to three new attractions and a number of attractive "returnees ", many funfair classics will once again be on site at the market meadows.

Highlight among the novelties is the Ghost Rider Shake, which offers a very special ghost ride: the overhead ride accelerates the platform to top speed before the gondolas mounted on it roll over sideways. Another ghostly attraction is "The Ghost Jungle", which is also making its debut. It is a combination of a glass maze and a ghost jungle. Visitors will be entertained with laughter and scares! Fun and fright are fully family-suitable, promises the operator. The "Aeronaut" chain high-flyer, which makes the dream of flying come true at a height of 80 meters and in a spectacular retro design, will also celebrate its premiere at Pützchens Markt. 

Not for the faint-hearted is the looping carousel "Infinity", which once again makes a stop on the market meadows. With a flight height of 65 meters and a flight radius of 61 meters, it is the largest of its kind. Three swinging gondolas with 360-degree rotation reach a top speed of 125 kilometers per hour. In the "Frisbee" gyro swing, up to 40 passengers may experience the ride at the same time. The huge turntable extends to a height of almost 20 meters. The running course of the "Big Bamboo" takes the guests to the world of the South Seas. Interactively, visitors may experience water games, a raft ride, a 10-meter suspension bridge and numerous paths with obstacles.

A total of around 500 businesses will once again make Pützchens Markt an experience for young and old alike. The large event area of around 80,000 square meters remains unchanged. Among the 170 businesses on the main grounds are 24 rides (five of which are overhead), 13 children's rides, a ghost train, three amusements, a maze and three lottery booths. The Pluutenmarkt, which recalls the origins of the traditional fair, will of course also be back. 

Fair fans may also look forward to the three popular roller coasters "Alpen-Coaster", "Feuer und Eis" and "Wilde Maus". There will also be the "Europa Ferris Wheel" and the "Apollo 13" propeller. Classics like "Voodoo Jumper", "Nessy", "Break-Dance" and "Octopussy" will also be there again. 

Opening with the Rhenish band "Klüngelköpp

The event program is also worth a visit. For the opening on Friday at 3 p.m., a popular band of the Rhenish Carnival will again perform in the Bavarian tent: the "Klüngelköpp". Mayor Katja Dörner will take over the traditional tapping of the barrel for the first time and district mayor Lara Mohn will welcome the guests of honor for the first time. 

Ralf Birkner, Head of the District Administration in Beuel, particularly emphasizes the parade on the opening day (from 1:30 p.m.), which will again be organized together with the Freundeskreis Pützchens Markt as well as the showmen and women: "The parade with many Beuel clubs has long been an integral part of Pützchens Markt and an important date in the calendar of our district."

Sunday starts at 10 a.m. with the traditional festive service in the Bavarian tent. The Rhenish evening on Sunday night starts at 6 pm and will be organized this year by a private host. The organizers plan to announce the program at the end of June.

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