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The new VHS program is here - registration now open

The new semester of the Volkshochschule (VHS) Bonn starts on Monday, February 19, 2024. The print programs will be available from Tuesday, January 9, 2024, at the Haus der Bildung and numerous other locations in the city. From 2 January to 6 February 2024, a winter program will take place before the actual start of the semester, which will shorten the time until the actual start of the semester with currently 78 events.

Registrations for the new program are now possible online at (opens in a new tab). Employees can be contacted on 0228 - 77 33 55.

Politics, science and international affairs

In the first half of 2024, the Department of Politics, Science and International Affairs is focusing on "Waste, its prevention and circular economy" in its series on sustainability topics. The United Nations has not dedicated a separate sustainability goal to the topic of waste as such, but it is mentioned as a sub-goal in several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There is a lot to see and report on the subject of waste in the region: Landfills, composting plants, companies that use different strategies to reduce waste and establish a circular economy. The special feature of the coming semester is that more information visits are being offered than ever before: For example, the university is addressing the topic of transformation and the circular economy under the title "No sustainable tomorrow without an active today". For the first time, a clothes swap is being offered in cooperation with the Bundjugend Bonn in the Haus der Bildung. In the Digital Academy morning series, the question is posed: "Is there a right to repair?"

A lecture on the Haiti Ocean Project builds a bridge to the Latin America series, and with a focus on Africa, a lecture reports on classrooms made from plastic waste. The Garden of Education (behind the House of Education) will also continue to be used for events. For example, there will be a workshop on building a worm box, and the VHS will also be taking part in the Open Garden Gate again next year. As a cooperation partner of the VHS, the Haus der Natur offers more than 20 events for children and families in the field of ecological education.

Life-shaping learning

The courses offered by the Life-Shaping Learning department convey a zest for life and practical everyday skills. Topics such as developing self-confidence, resilience, dealing with anger or seeing the world through the eyes of others are just as much a part of this as quick-wittedness training or introductions to non-violent communication and so-called easy language.

The workshop "Finally doing what I really want to do" is about plans for retirement. In a blended learning course, interested parties can qualify as an everyday companion for people in need of care. "Finally tidy your room!", "Construction site puberty" or "Supporting without annoying. Helping children choose a career" are titles from the program for parents.

Foreign languages

Many courses are offered in the field of foreign languages, whether for refreshing existing knowledge or for advanced learners. One-week compact courses are offered in all Romance languages, English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Persian and Russian, which can be attended as part of an educational leave, for example. Short weekend courses complete the program, including "Easy Conversation with Knitting", "English for the Office A2/B1", a "Grammar Workout B2/C1", "Swearing and Slang C1", "Dutch for Travel" and a "Crash Course Türkçe A1" in February and March.

In addition to English, Romance languages are in great demand. With 144 courses, there is a suitable course for every level. In addition to the classroom courses, there are also 14 online courses at various levels. Four of the 15 educational vacations start in January. They can be combined with the subsequent semester courses. The classic format with one lesson per week continues to be the most popular language course.

Some of the standard German as a foreign language (DaF) courses (for self-paying students) also start in January. The DaF face-to-face courses are in very high demand, but online courses are also well received by participants with previous knowledge, for example for exam preparation.

German and integration

The VHS is very active in the area of language acquisition for refugees in cooperation with other language course providers. Demand for courses remains high. However, the classes are once again much more mixed in terms of languages and countries of origin. In 2023, the VHS started a total of ten integration courses and five vocational language courses. One of the integration courses was aimed specifically at people over 58 years of age. Around 1900 consultations were held in advance and 480 people were placed on the courses. Over the course of the year, 32 examinations were held. Five new integration courses are planned for the first quarter of 2024, one of which is specifically for older people. Three new courses are planned as special vocational language courses.

Vocational training, IT and digital

Anyone seeking certified qualifications can take advantage of the VHS "Xpert" series, which concludes with examinations and certificates. The practical certificate course "Xpert CP Praxis", for example, teaches learning content on file management, word processing, spreadsheets and presentation in a compact course. The course also includes an introduction to financial accounting with the opportunity to obtain an "Xpert" certificate.

An exclusive offer is the one-week training course on AutoCAD, which provides basic knowledge for a wide range of construction and design tasks. With the course "Finished school - what now?", the department focuses on the target group of school leavers. It offers busy retirees inspiration and support for setting up a business in old age. The range of courses for international students is being expanded to include English-language courses, including topics such as "Cloud Computing" and "IT Fundamentals - Begin IT Career". Programming with "R" offers an introduction to the world of data analysis and visualization.

Art and culture

Numerous lectures and events on the topics of philosophy, literature, art history and musical theater as well as practical offers in creative writing and acting will be offered again. Two workshops on "Storytelling" invite you to find stories - including in your own life - and tell them freely. People who would like to try out singing for the first time, as well as experienced singers, will be delighted by the recurring choir singing offers. A variety of excursions and guided tours are planned. For example, there is a full-day excursion to Koblenz. Shorter walks offer insights into the cemetery culture or the different architectural periods on Münsterplatz.

Anyone looking for creative and helpful relaxation from everyday life and work can choose from a wide range of courses in painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, calligraphy, sculpture, sewing and goldsmithing. Based on the semester theme "Waste (avoidance)" of the Department of Politics and International Affairs, courses in upcycling and sewing with residual materials are new to the program. New and old handicraft techniques are also enjoying renewed popularity. Courses in ukulele and guitar playing will be held live on site again from this semester.

Health and nutrition

The teaching kitchen in the Haus der Bildung continues to enjoy increasing demand. Courses in German and international cuisine not only serve as a culinary meeting point, but also as a cultural one. By encountering the cuisine of other countries, you get to know their culture, everyday life and habits almost incidentally - a peaceful and healthy form of international understanding. The new bilingual cooking course "French Cuisine" invites you to cook in German and French. With regard to Bonn's climate plan, the department has introduced the new "Climate and nutrition" section. This includes courses on climate-friendly cooking, cooking with salvaged food and creative cooking with leftovers.

The area of exercise and relaxation offers a variety of creative ways to stay healthy, live healthier, stay fit for longer in old age and feel better at work and in everyday life.

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