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Participation platform now multilingual

The participation platform of the Federal City of Bonn ( has undergone a significant expansion: Almost all information on the website is now available in multiple languages.

The implementation of an innovative translation tool, based on, enables the machine translation of content. Users can now choose from a wide range of languages, including English, French, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian and Chinese. The new feature is very easy to use: users can select their preferred language by clicking on the language icon at the bottom left of the page.

The aim of is to give as many people as possible in Bonn access to municipal participation processes. Overcoming language barriers is a central concern here in order to make participation in Bonn even more inclusive. The City of Bonn encourages all citizens with little or no knowledge of German to make use of this new opportunity to take an active part in participation processes and make their voice heard in municipal affairs.

It should be noted that there may still be errors and inaccuracies in the machine translations. The original wording in German remains authoritative. Further information is available at (opens in a new tab) or by e-mail from the Citizen Participation Unit at  buergerbeteiligungbonnde.

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