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Free corona tests in test centers now only for certain groups of people

The City of Bonn draws attention to the current nationwide corona virus testing regulation in effect since January 16, 2023.

Among others, only the following groups of persons will be tested free of charge:

  • Treated persons, visitors*innen and residents*innen in hospitals, 
    rehabilitation facilities, inpatient care facilities, in facilities for people with disabilities, in facilities for outpatient surgery, in dialysis centers, in outpatient care, in outpatient services or in inpatient facilities for integration assistance, in day clinics, maternity clinics, outpatient hospice services and palliative care, in homeless shelters and in facilities for the communal accommodation of asylum seekers;
  • Persons with disabilities who employ or work there in accordance with Section 29 of the German Social Code (SGB) IX;
  • Caregivers.

Individuals who are currently in quarantine due to a confirmed corona infection are no longer eligible for free testing under the Coronavirus Testing Ordinance, even if "free testing" should be required to end quarantine for employers.

Beginning March 1, 2023, additional changes to testing site operations have been announced. When the coronavirus testing ordinance expires on February 28, 2023, any entitlement to free citizen testing will cease - and so will municipal mandates for all testing sites, as in Bonn by the municipal health department.

The health department is unable to estimate what impact this will have on the testing center structure in Bonn. However, it is to be expected that many test centers will cease operations. Of course, test centers can continue to offer tests, but then a fee will be charged without exception.

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