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As of February 1, masks no longer mandatory on buses and trains

The City of Bonn draws attention to the fact that the NRW state government is phasing out compulsory masks in buses and trains as well as isolation requirements for Corona-infected persons as of February 1, 2023.

In addition, the state points out that the testing regulations for schools and daycare facilities will also not be extended. The same applies to community shelters and correctional facilities. The testing and quarantine regulations will expire entirely on January 31, 2023. Thus, the requirement to be in home isolation for five days in the event of a Corona infection will end. All isolations under the expiring ordinance will automatically end at the end of January 31, 2023.

The state further states that the protections for vulnerable persons facilities resulting primarily from federal law remain in place. Accordingly:

  • Anyone who has a positive test may not enter facilities for vulnerable persons (for example, hospitals, nursing homes, workshops for people with disabilities) for five full days after the positive test. This does not include the day of testing.
  • Employees in these facilities are still prohibited from working until a negative test result is available.
  • All persons tested positive are strongly advised to wear at least one medical mask indoors outside their own homes.
  • Employees in medical offices and similar facilities must continue to wear at least one medical mask to protect vulnerable individuals.
  • The existing exceptions to the federal testing requirements, for example in hospitals, nursing homes and similar facilities, remain in place. Here, a self-test for visitors is generally sufficient, unless the facility offers an on-site testing option.

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