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"Rhine in Flames in Bonn and the Siebengebirge" will not take place in 2022

In view of the rising infection figures and the imponderables as to which legal framework conditions will necessitate the further development of the Corona pandemic on the day of the event, "Rhine in Flames" will not be able to take place in 2022 either.

Together with the Tourismus & Congress GmbH (T&C) as the organizer of the popular ship convoy, the city has already been consulting for several months about the implementation of the most spectator-strong open air event in Bonn and the region. As an opening into Bonn's open-air season, "Rhine in Flames" attracts more than 100,000 people to the Rheinaue every year on the first weekend in May and, if the weather is fine, several hundred thousand people along the approximately 29 kilometers of the Rhine.

Considering the current infection situation with the highly contagious Omikron variant, a large-scale event of this format, even with decreasing infection figures, is not conceivable according to the city and T&C. In addition, there are expected requirements for limiting the number of spectators, which will not be feasible with an "open Rheinaue" considering the character of the event. 

Furthermore, the current pandemic situation and the associated uncertainty factors in the field of event planning entail an increased economic risk for all players. Against the background of the close interlocking of ship and land event, Rhein in Flammen cannot take place in Bonn and at the Siebengebirge under these circumstances.

"Rhein in Flammen is always the highlight at the start of the Bonn event summer. Accordingly, it was difficult for us to decide to cancel again after the years 2020 and 2021," regrets Mayor Katja Dörner.

"In view of the relevance of Rhine in Flames in Bonn and the Siebengebirge for the tourism and event industry and the resulting profitability for the region, it is not easy for us to take the step of cancellation after long consideration with the partners involved. That's why, from my point of view, we now have to look ahead to 2023," explains Udo Schäfer, Managing Director of T&C.

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