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12,022 Corona vaccinations over the turn of the year

The Corona vaccination campaign of the Federal City of Bonn continues to run very successfully. Over the turn of the year 2021/2022 (between December 28 and January 2), 12,022 vaccinations were administered - 1,180 first vaccinations, 842 second vaccinations, 9,731 booster vaccinations and 269 child vaccinations at the municipal vaccination center in Bad Godesberg.

This means that a total of 278,390 first, 275,339 second, 167,123 booster and 2,268 child vaccinations have now been carried out in Bonn (municipal vaccination center, not including vaccinations in doctors' practices). The city appeals to its citizens to get vaccinated and boostered. In the coming days, there will again be numerous opportunities for the citizens of Bonn to do so: The vaccination center in the city hall is open, child and adult vaccinations take place in the city hall Bad Godesberg, and the vaccination centers in the Hardtberg district and in Poppelsdorf commissioned by the city continue to offer vaccinations against the coronavirus. Additional campaigns and dates are being planned. All information as well as the dates are available on the Internet at

7-day incidence: 278.6

Meanwhile, a total of 251 Omikron cases have been reported since late November 2021. The Omikron variant is highly contagious while apparently having a mild course. The city health department assumes that the spread of the Omikron variant is also promoted by asymptomatic persons who are unaware of their infection but are still infectious. Travel plays a minor role. Currently, there are minor outbreaks in a nursing facility, two clinics, and a youth care facility.

All information on the Corona pandemic in Bonn is available at

Municipal crisis team for compulsory testing in day-care facilities for children

At its meeting on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the crisis team of the city of Bonn spoke out in favor of a statewide mandatory testing in daycare facilities for children and will communicate this demand to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The city of Bonn has been one of a few municipalities to introduce PCR pool testing since October 2021 in order to offer children and employees in daycare facilities greater safety in the detection of Corona infections than the self-tests distributed until then could ensure. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia only provides for voluntary self-testing by parents at home.

The state has not yet made testing compulsory in kindergartens.

Around 188,000 Corona tests in the last two weeks of December

The number of Corona tests carried out in Bonn did not decrease over Christmas and the turn of the year 2021/2022. On the contrary: there were significantly more tests than in the weeks before.  This emerges from an evaluation of the city administration.

The now 350 test sites throughout Bonn reported a total of 510,386 Corona rapid tests to the NRW Ministry of Health for November and December 2021. While the numbers increased from 4,777 to 61,049 per week between the beginning and end of November, they increased again in the first three weeks of December with 76,470, 75,945 and 79,119. In the last two weeks of 2021, tests were even 95,513 and 93,003.

"The evaluation shows that a very large number of people have undergone intensive testing for the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year. This means that the Corona data published by the Bonn city administration are valid and have also mapped the infection incidence," says Bonn's head of health Margarete Heidler.

On Jan. 1, 2022, 6,685 tests were conducted, and on Jan. 2, another 15,506 tests were conducted; these numbers could still increase, as some testing sites report the numbers with several days delay.

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