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Overwhelming interest in the children's vaccinations

City hall becomes pure child vaccination center

Actually, it was supposed to be only a supplementary offer, the child vaccinations for five to eleven year olds by the cities and municipalities in the country. But the reality is different. Already after 15 minutes were assigned this morning the first dates for child inoculations in the new inoculation center in the city hall bath Godesberg. Further dates are still today starting from 15 o'clock freely switched. The first child vaccinations will start on Friday, December 17. The Stadthalle will now be used exclusively for children's vaccinations starting Friday; adults willing to be vaccinated are asked to take advantage of the vaccination services offered by the other municipal vaccination centers.

"The desire of many parents to have their children vaccinated is obviously great. And we want to make that possible," said Dr. Susanne Engels, head of Bonn's public health department. Bonn has received all 6,000 vaccine doses it was able to order to kick off the vaccination campaign in early December. Around 22,000 children between the ages of five and eleven live in Bonn. According to the vaccination decree, however, half of the vaccine doses delivered (currently 3,000) must be set aside for the second vaccination. Complicating the planning is the fact that, according to the decree, the city is supposed to provide required vaccine within the scope of its possibilities, e.g. to medical practices (with a focus on medical practices for pediatrics and adolescent medicine and gynecology) as a substitute, if they are not sufficiently supplied with vaccine through the regular system. "The main thing is that the vaccine doses are used. As announced, we are responding flexibly and expanding vaccination services by making Stadthalle completely a pediatric vaccination center and expanding the range of appointments," Dr. Engels added.

7-day incidence is 219.9

The corona incidence value for Bonn has dropped significantly in recent days. As of Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the 7-day incidence is 219.9.

Accordingly, 727 new Corona infections have been reported in the past seven days. The health department is currently recording a total of 1,579 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases. There are three confirmed Omicron cases and three suspected cases. 1,884 people are in quarantine. 292 people have died in association with coronavirus. Currently, the health department has recorded outbreaks with at least three related cases in two hospitals, three senior facilities, four schools and two daycare centers.

Booster vaccinations

In its 13th vaccination decree of December 15, 2021, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia clarified that booster vaccinations are offered as part of the vaccination services provided by the districts and independent cities for persons whose basic immunization was five months ago. However, persons whose basic immunization was less than five months ago are not to be rejected and are also to be vaccinated - provided that a minimum interval of four months has been reached. Vaccination after four weeks at the earliest after the second vaccine dose is to be made possible exclusively for immunocompromised persons.

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