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City reminds of mask requirement in the city center

With the beginning of the Advent season, Bonn's city center is visited more actively, as it is every year, and fills up increasingly, especially in the afternoons and evenings as well as on Saturdays. Many start their first Christmas shopping and end their stroll through the city with a visit to the Christmas market.

When it fills up in the pedestrian zone and in the stall alleys at the Christmas market, it becomes more difficult at the same time to keep direct contact to a minimum and to maintain the recommended minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people. Therefore, the city once again draws attention to the current obligation to wear a mask in the city center of Bonn and at the Christmas market and urges all visitors to the city center to wear a medical mask to protect themselves and others from corona infection. From a medical point of view, the obligation to wear a mask is a simple but highly effective protective measure to reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, it should generally be worn where many people congregate in a confined space.

In a general decree, the Federal City of Bonn has named the areas in which the distance requirement cannot be observed on a regular basis, because these are areas where experience shows that there is a large number of people and, measured against this, little space is available. The employees of the city order service and the city center guard GABI check daily in random samples whether the mask obligation is observed. If no mask is worn or the wearing of the mask is generally refused, there is a fine of 150 euros.

The mask requirement, which is indicated by signs, applies in the city center on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. in the following areas:

  • Acherstraße, Bonngasse, Brüdergasse, Dreieck,
  • Budapester Straße in the area from Thomas-Mann-Straße to Sternstraße,
  • Friedrichstraße in the area of house numbers 2 to 64 and 1 to 61,
  • Gangolfstraße, In der Sürst,
  • Kaiserplatz including the adjacent public paths, streets and squares,
  • Kasernenstraße in the spatial area of house numbers 1 to 5 and 2 to 32,
  • Markt, including the adjacent public ways, streets (Marktbrücke and Bischofsplatz),
  • Martinsplatz in the spatial area of house numbers 6 to 9,
  • Maximilianstraße in the spatial area from house numbers 6 to 46, on both sides including the adjacent public paths, streets and squares,
  • Mauspfad, Sternstraße, Sterntorbrücke, Stockenstraße,
  • Thomas-Mann-Str. in the spatial area from house number 1 to 57, as well as house numbers 2 to 64,
  • Wenzelgasse, Wesselstraße. 

On the Christmas market area, the mask obligation applies daily in the period from 10 to 21 o'clock. This includes: 

  • Münsterplatz
  • Münsterstrasse
  • Friedensplatz
  • Mülheimer Platz
  • Bottlerplatz
  • Remigiusplatz
  • Remigiusstraße
  • Vivatsgasse
  • Poststraße

In the meantime, the city has revised the posters indicating that masks are compulsory at the Christmas market. The new posters should help to make it even easier to see at first glance that masks are compulsory at the Christmas market and in the surrounding inner city streets and squares.

Results of the controls

Since the beginning of the Christmas market until November 30, the city police and the GABI guard have checked a total of 3,547 people with regard to the 2G rule. If the 2G proof and an official photo ID were presented, it is still offered to get a red "Christmas market ribbon" put on to be able to prove the 2G status faster and easier in future controls. Among all persons checked so far, only six were found who were unable to present 2G proof (0.17 percent). Fine proceedings have been initiated against them; they each face a fine of 150 euros.

In addition, 6,296 people have so far been verbally admonished to put on a medical mask or put it on properly in the city center and at the Christmas market, and they followed the advice in almost all cases. Unfortunately, this was not the case for nine people who refused to wear a mask. They were reported and must also expect a fine of 150 euros each.

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