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Final preparations for Pützchens Markt 2023

About a week before the start of Pützchens Markt on Friday, September 8, 2023, the construction work for the traditional fair is in full swing.

Market manager Kathrin Krumbach looked forward to the 654th Pützchens Markt with great anticipation at a press briefing on Thursday, August 31, 2023: "We can hardly wait for it to finally get underway again soon after months of preparatory work, which again involved numerous offices and external partners. It is a great honor that Bonn is once again hosting the Volksfest and Marktreferententagung this year after more than 30 years. I'm already looking forward to showing my colleagues our beautiful fair in Pützchen." On the occasion of the conference, around 40 representatives* of Germany's largest funfairs and showmen's associations will visit the federal city from Saturday to Monday.

Krumbach also took the opportunity to thank residents and business owners for their understanding: "We are aware that people in Pützchen will have to live with considerable inconvenience not only on the five days of the fair, but also during the weeks of construction and dismantling. I would also like to thank the students, parents and teachers of the market school, for whom Pützchen's market brings with it a great deal of inconvenience and unrest. Without the great acceptance that exists in the town for our traditional fair, such a folk festival would not be possible!"

All in all, on the unchanged large event area of around 80,000 square meters, around 400 stores will once again make Pützchens Markt an experience for young and old. Numerous square novelties and many popular classics among the amusement rides and running rides promise entertainment and thrills. Detailed information is available  here

Proven safety concept

With a mature security concept developed over several years, which as always has been closely coordinated with the fire department and the police, the City of Bonn as the organizer is once again doing its part to ensure that visitors can feel safe at Pützchens Markt. As in previous years, the city's public order service and the police will deploy joint patrols on the market grounds. In addition, a joint coordination center for the police, public order department, fire department and rescue service will be set up in the market school, where all security-related information will come together. In addition, the Bonn police will again use video surveillance at two locations to prevent crimes.

Campaign "Luisa is here" for the first time at Pützchens Markt

For the first time, the nationally known campaign "Luisa is here" of the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Victim Protection Working Group will be part of Pützchens Markt. The offer of help, which is also available in pubs and clubs, is coordinated in Bonn by the Equality Office of the City of Bonn and the Counseling Center against Sexualized Violence. It has already been used twice at the major "Rhine in Flames" event.

With the question "Is Luisa here?" concerned persons can turn to the people wearing "Luisa" buttons. In addition, the employees of the city order service are also available to answer this question. Participating booths will receive posters and stickers free of charge with which they can draw attention to the offer. 

"Luisa" not only helps in the case of concrete threats, but is also intended to be a very low-threshold approach. A feeling of insecurity, for example because someone is staring at you, or an uneasy gut feeling are enough to make use of the offer of help. What should be done depends on what kind of help the person asking needs in the specific situation. For example, a cab can be called, friends can be sought at the venue, or someone can pick up the personal belongings.

More information at

Opening with "Domstürmern" and "Rabaue

The program of events is once again impressive with performances by popular Rhenish bands. It starts on the opening Friday, September 8, at 1:30 p.m. with the historical parade, which is organized for the eleventh time by the district administration office Beuel together with the Freundeskreis Pützchens Markt and the showmen. 67 procession groups will take part, including numerous local customs associations, nostalgic tractors and showmen's vehicles, flag delegations of the nationwide showmen's associations, aid organizations and music bands.

At eleven locations along the route of the procession, expert commentators will provide interesting and entertaining information about the participating groups. The following locations at booths or (amusement) rides are planned: Blumen Florian Adelheidisplatz, Beueler Stadtsoldaten, Restaurant zum Treppchen, Kinderkarussel Balluna, Fortress Tower, Octopussy, Raffle Kreuz, Kentucky Derby Kreuz opposite the Euro-Coaster, Europarad, Nessy and Raffle Wilmering. 

District mayor Guido Pfeiffer has invited the 65-year-old citizens of Beuel to the official opening in the Bayernfesthalle at 3 pm. Mayor Katja Dörner will perform the traditional tapping of the barrel, and the "Rabaue" and the "Domstürmer" are expected as musical guests.

On Kirmessunday, September 10, the festive service will take place at 10 a.m. at the fair. Also on Sunday at 5:30 p.m., there will again be the Rhenish evening in the Bayernfesthalle, which this year is again organized by a private promoter with the support of the Friends of Pützchens Markt. Bläck Fööss, Cat Ballou, Mo-Torres, Druckluft and Eldorado will be performing. Already at 3 p.m., the Telekom Baskets Bonn present their new team.

On Monday, September 11, at the invitation of the showmen, the campaign "Pützchens Markt hilft" (formerly Day of the Home and Orphans) will take place again. Also on Monday in the program: the Radio Bonn Rhine-Sieg Day and the After-Job Party (6 pm). Finally, there will be another big fireworks display on Tuesday evening, September 12, at 10 pm.

Broad mobility offer

The market area in Pützchen is easy to reach by public transport. The Stadtwerke Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg-Verkehrsgesellschaft again offer special lines and additional trips. 

The two parking spaces for bicycles on Siegburger Straße at the level of the comprehensive school and at the corner of Pützchens Chaussee/Sebastianusstraße will be illuminated again for safety reasons.

The entire market area is again defined as a no-parking zone for rental vehicles (e-scooters and bicycles), in which the rental process cannot be completed. Via in-app notification, visitors* are directed to the bicycle parking spaces at the edge of the festival grounds.

The roads and the area around the festival grounds will be closed from Friday to Tuesday during the market days. In order to prevent traffic from backing up onto the 59 freeway, the Pützchen freeway exit in the southbound direction may be temporarily closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 8, 9 and 10 in the event of heavy traffic.

Soccer start

The sporting prelude to the funfair will be the traditional soccer match between the showmen and the town council on Wednesday, September 6. The old men's team of TuS Pützchen will also be taking part again. Kick-off for the first game in the mini-tournament is at 5:30 p.m. on the artificial turf pitch of the Integrated Comprehensive School Beuel. Spectators are very welcome!

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