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"Bonn helps Kherson" - schools join in

Mayor Katja Dörner asks Bonn schools for support for the solidarity partnership with the city in the south of Ukraine.

Under the heading "Bonn helps Kherson - Bonn schools help!" Mayor Katja Dörner has written a letter to the schools in Bonn, asking the school administrations to support the donation partnership "Bonn helps Kherson", which the city of Bonn has founded in cooperation with the Bonn aid organization "Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe". There are many ways to do so, for example by organizing school flea markets, craft activities, fundraising runs, concerts and more. Even events that have already been planned could be given a benefit character and thus contribute to the solidarity partnership. 

"I would be very pleased if you would also participate in this campaign with your school," writes Mayor Katja Dörner in the appeal and hopes "that together we will succeed in helping the people in Kherson who have been particularly affected by the war." 

Every school or class that is involved in the donation partnership "Bonn helps Kherson" will receive a certificate of participation as a token of appreciation. The city of Bonn also publishes photos of the campaign in a picture gallery at (opens in a new tab)

In July and August, vehicles of the fire department and Bonnorange as well as donations in kind such as technical equipment and tools, office equipment, medical products and hygiene articles were brought to the war zone. The Central Warehouse for Donations in Kind (ZeSaBo) and the Blue-Yellow-Cross Association provided support for the collection and transport.