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Erasmus+ turns 35: Hop on, take a ride and share a photo

Those who want to travel with Erasmus+ can get a taste of it in Bonn's local public transport system in the future: Since August, a colorfully printed light rail has been running to promote the EU program, which places an emphasis on joint learning and cooperation in Europe in the fields of education, youth and sports.

Klaus Fahle, National Agency at BIBB, Thomas Spielkamp, National Agency at PAD, Stefanie Zießnitz, SWB Utilities Bonn, Stephan Geifes, National Agency at DAAD, Manfred von Hebel, National Agency, JFE, Stefan, Wagner, Department of International Affairs, City of Bonn

The four national agencies in Germany for the education sectors of schools, academia, vocational education and training, adult education, youth and sports, all of which are based in the German federal city, have joined forces as sponsors. It goes without saying that the heads of the National Agencies, Dr. Stephan Geifes (National Agency for Erasmus+ Higher Education Cooperation at the DAAD), Klaus Fahle (National Agency at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training), Dr. Thomas Spielkamp (National Agency at the Pedagogical Exchange Service) and Hans-Georg Wicke (National Agency YOUTH for Europe), did not miss the opportunity to toast to the maiden voyage.

The train is designed to encourage participation in Erasmus+ and conveys the message that "Your journey starts here". The idea behind it: Sustainable travel starts at your doorstep and environmental protection takes an important place in Erasmus+. The design of the train symbolically connects Europe with people on their way to their educational institutions, companies and organizations. 

Get on board if you live or visit Bonn, share a photo and spread the word about the unique opportunity to get involved in Erasmus+