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Care Partnership Award 2022

For the eighth time, the aid organization Care has awarded its Partnership Prize. This year, it has honored the Iraqi organization "The Lotus Flower". The award ceremony took place on Thursday, August 18, in cooperation with the City of Bonn at the Old Town Hall.

Award winner Tabean Shoresh, CEO and Founder of The Lotus Flower, Prof. Dr. Winfried Polte, President of CARE Germany, Vian Ahmed, Regional Manager of The Lotus Flower

Every two years, Care awards the prize, which comes with a sum of 10,000 euros, to a partner organization that works in a special way and with exceptional commitment to help people in need. "The Lotus Flower" creates new perspectives for internally displaced, mostly Yazidi women and girls and supports them with psychosocial assistance. The organization is also particularly active at the political level in promoting the rights of women and girls and social minorities in Iraq.

Mayor Katja Dörner: "It is a special concern of mine to stand up for gender justice both locally and globally. We do this as a city with our Equality Office and a systematic equality plan. We also work closely with women's groups in Bonn and are involved in networks such as 'gender@international Bonn'. I am delighted that an organization has been chosen that stands out for its special commitment in this field. My warmest congratulations to 'The Lotus Flower'!"

Karl-Otto Zentel, Secretary General of Care Germany, said, "The Lotus Flower is an outstanding organization that offers women and girls a perspective in a seemingly hopeless situation. Women and girls grow, learn and find protection. We at Care know from decades of experience that progress achieved for women is also progress for their families and communities. That's why I'm all the more pleased that we are able to present the Partnership Award to The Lotus Flower today."

"The Lotus Flower" has reached out to more than 40,000 people

Award winner Tabean Shoresh, CEO and Founder of The Lotus Flower, Karl-Otto Zentel, Secretary General CARE Germany, Vian Ahmed, Regional Manager of The Lotus Flower

In 2014, hundreds of thousands of Yezidis were driven from their homes in northern Iraq, and many women experienced sexual violence. To support affected women and girls, Tabean Shoresh founded the organization "The Lotus Flower." Since 2016, her projects have reached more than 40,000 women, girls and community members. In camps for internally displaced people, "The Lotus Flower" runs community centers offering educational programs and psychosocial activities. It is here where many women first learn to read and write.  

Tabean Shoresh, founder and chairwoman of The Lotus Flower, said, "This award is a great recognition. We work every day to give women and girls the opportunity to stand on their own two feet, and we are grateful that Care is a big part of that. We look forward to working together to tackle more projects that positively impact the lives of women and girls in Iraq."