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Neighbourhood help brings volunteers and people in need together

From February 29 to Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 1 p.m., the public health department of the city of Bonn recorded a total of 416 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections. 104 people have recovered in the meantime, two people died as a result of the infection. Currently 849 people are in quarantine.

Especially elderly people and members of other risk groups should stay at home if possible in order not to expose themselves unnecessarily to the risk of infection.

Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan: "If you belong to the elderly or another risk group, please stay at home if possible! Do not go to the shops and pharmacies yourself. Please accept support from those who do not belong to a risk group. In doing so, you will not only help yourself, but all of us to minimize the risk of infection. You are making a very valuable contribution in this difficult time."

In the city of Bonn there are numerous initiatives of volunteers who would like to help and have already become active. In the volunteer agency of the city of Bonn alone, more than 500 volunteers have registered for Corona Neighbourhood Assistance. This is organised by the Office for Social Affairs and Housing together with many local contact points. These volunteers have signed up to make it possible and easier for elderly people and members of other risk groups in particular to stay at home. They can, for example, go shopping and to the pharmacy or call regularly to establish and maintain social contact.

Initial assignments have already been successfully arranged. However, many volunteers are still waiting for their assignment. It is therefore important to find out now where support can still be provided. Anyone who needs help in everyday life should please contact the Office for Social Affairs and Housing of the City of Bonn: by telephone on 0228 77 66 99, by e-mail at corona-nachbarschaftshilfebonnde or on the Internet using an online form. Those who would like to get involved can register here: (opens in a new tab). Both the reported needs and the volunteers registered with the Volunteer Agency are forwarded to local offices that will arrange for a local placement.

Temporary masks for Bonn

In cooperation with the Office for Social Affairs and Housing of the Federal City of Bonn and in collaboration with the Bonn Volunteer Agency, the Central Warehouse for Donations in Kind Bonn (ZeSaBo) will become the logistics centre for the "Temporary Masks for Bonn" campaign:

The material for the production of makeshift masks is collected from donors on site and distributed via ZeSaBo to the citizens who can sew. The privately produced makeshift masks can then be used, for example, in their own social institution or they are collected by the ZeSaBo and hygienically cleaned. The ZeSaBo then takes over the distribution and delivery of makeshift masks to institutions and initiatives that care for people in need. All processes are carried out by volunteers who comply with the hygienic regulations and distance rules.

Although larger quantities of material have already been donated, called up and processed into masks, many more makeshift masks are still needed. The campaign can be supported by donating larger quantities of cotton fabrics (for example bed linen), by sewing protective masks and by providing pick-up and delivery services with your own car.

Further information (opens in a new tab) and (opens in a new tab).

Controls of the city planning service

Furthermore, the city ordinance service checks that the contact ban and the minimum distance is observed. From Monday noon, April 6th, to Tuesday noon, April 7th, 2020, the Municipal Ordinance Service recorded 50 interventions, during which 13 complaints were written for violation of group meetings.


In view of the current situation in the Corona crisis, from now on only children living in the same household as the bride and groom will be allowed at weddings in Bonn.

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