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Coronavirus: city planning service writes 37 complaints

The spring-like temperatures and the beginning of cherry blossom attracted many people to the open air on the first weekend in April. Between Friday, April 3 and Sunday noon, April 5, 2020, the city planning service carried out 96 missions to check whether the Coronarivus pandemic had caused a breach of the current ban on contact and the prescribed distance regulations.

A total of 37 charges had to be written against persons in unauthorised collections. During an operation on the Brassertufer, the indications of the ban on contact were not only met with an intransigent but also aggressive reaction. Therefore two persons had to be taken into custody here. The police were called in to assist the city's police department.

Larger groups of people were sighted at seven other locations, which disintegrated immediately upon arrival of the emergency forces and quickly moved away.

In addition, a great many visitors to the Cherry Blossom in the streets of the old town did not keep the necessary distances. The same applied to the Bad Godesberg weekly market, which was very busy on Saturday. Neither the operators of the market stands nor the visitors paid attention to sufficient distance.

On the basis of the experience gained, the city continues to appeal for personal contacts to be restricted in the coming days despite the fine weather. People outside must continue to keep away from people who are not part of their own household. They must behave in a disciplined manner during necessary purchases in shops and at weekly markets in order to protect their own health and to protect others, and must keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 metres from employees and other customers.

395 confirmed cases

Meanwhile, a total of 395 confirmed coronavirus cases were reported to the public health department of the city of Bonn from 29 February to 1 p.m. on Sunday, 5 April 2020. While 768 people are currently in quarantine, 92 citizens who had been infected with the coronavirus are now healthy again. Two people have so far died as a result of the infection.

It is still unclear whether the resident of the Rosental senior citizens' home, who had to be taken to a hospital and died there in the course of 2 April, was infected with the coronavirus.

In the Protestant Care Centre Ernst-Stoltenhoff-Haus a contact person of the confirmed case (kitchen staff) tested positive. In the Steinbach House, one of the staff members of the other employees tested positive. The investigations of the health department are ongoing.

The city has closed its day care centre Zoppoter Straße on the weekend. In the kindergarten, where seven children, whose parents are employed in critical infrastructure, were cared for, one of the educators had a positive test result for the corona virus. Both the seven children and all 13 educators are in quarantine.

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  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn
  • Giacomo Zucca
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  • Giacomo Zucca/Bundesstadt Bonn

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