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Bonn International News, June 2023

Dear Friend of Bonn,

Here comes a selection of conferences, activities and events that have been keeping us busy in Bonn. At this time, 5,000 delegates are gathering for the annual climate negotiations in the city. We will take a closer look at this conference, at related events, such as the annual Daring Cities conference, and also cast a spotlight on some other interesting activities. There is definitely a lot going on in Bonn! Make sure to also check our calendar of events for the many outdoor events and festivals that are coming up over the summer. Enjoy your read – and enjoy Bonn!

At the same time, we would like to ask for your solidarity with the people in Kherson, Ukraine:

Dismayed, shocked and with deep sympathy we are following the fate of local residents in Kherson and the region - especially after the breach of the dam. We would therefore like to again draw your attention to the campaign that the City of Bonn has initiated with the organization ‘Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V.’ for the donation of relief supplies. Please check our web pages at (opens in a new tab)

Thank you for your valuable contribution!

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