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The SDG Global Festival of Action is back

By Marina Ponti, Global Director of the United Nations SDG Action Campaign

Marina Ponti

Join us on 25 and 26 March, when the SDG Global Festival of Action returns  virtually to inspire, mobilize and connect stakeholders across all sectors and all over the world. For the fifth year running, the Festival brings together national and local governments, UN representatives, youth groups and activists, artists and the creative sector, civil society organizations, think tanks, media and private sector leaders, to elevate the conversation on SDG solutions and bottlenecks whilst showcasing meaningful impact. 

Normally, thousands of people would gather at the World Conference Center in Bonn to take part in these inspiring and exciting discussions, and as much as we will miss interacting with everyone in person, our virtual experience will be just as dynamic and immersive. Participants can listen to powerful talks from leaders, changemakers and activists, take part in live workshops, enjoy a dedicated networking space to interact with their peers, and enjoy exhibits and musical performances. This year’s Festival comes at the very beginning of COVID-19 recovery, and our message to young people and adults alike is simple: we must face our challenges together with renewed commitment, create systemic shifts and innovative approaches to turn things around for people and the planet. 


The devastating effects of Covid-19 have shown how quickly our lives can change, and we have seen how global challenges must be solved collectively, to take us past the turning point and on to transformation.  The Festival will provoke debate and drive  ideas and actions around four themes that will determine the pace of progress:

  1. 2021 is a critical year for nature and biodiversity, and climate action requires bold and transformative leaps forward as the world races to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, combat deforestation, protect biodiversity and achieve net-zero carbon emissions.
  2. This past year, we have witnessed rising poverty and inequalities around the world. Through universal health coverage, safety nets, justice and human resilience, the world must never again be in a position of such acute vulnerability.
  3. A central tenet in moving the Agenda forward is gender equality, because gender discrimination is not only wrong, but harms us all by undercutting the intelligence and experience of over half of humanity.
  4. And lastly, we must rethink the global economy and power structures by adopting inclusive and sustainable finance systems that align with the SDGs, and stop perpetuating wide-scale discrimination and exclusion.

This initiative is powered by the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, who has made it its mission to ensure that these Sustainable Development Goals are met at all levels, via innovative campaigns, high-level events and global mobilizations ; and to serve as a catalyst for young people to make the Sustainable Development Goals their own. 

In past editions of the Festival, we have witnessed the passion and dedication of youth from all around the world, who have raised their voices for social and environmental justice and need them to continue to carry our voices towards 2030 and beyond. The 2021 edition will help us turn in a new direction and embrace different ways of living and earning, consuming and producing with the ultimate goal of making the SDG a reality for everyone and everywhere. Join the discussions that will also mark the 25th anniversary of the UN in Bonn.

There is still time to register to the Festival and we invite everyone to join us and sign up for regular updates leading up to the event: (opens in a new tab)

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  • United Nations SDG Action Campaign
  • United Nations SDG Action Campaign

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