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Science shop Bonn e.V.

The Bonn Science Shop, with a staff of 30 employees, is the largest of the approximately 60 Science Shops in Europe. The Bonn Science Shop was founded in 1984 and explores social and ecological issues of citizens’ interest. Results of the latest research and topical expertise are to be presented in such a way as to provide citizens with practical advice so that they may increasingly participate in social decision-making processes. Educational projects that are launched by the Science Shop in Bonn are supported by the European Commission, by federal and state ministries as well as by foundations and often comprise pioneering work. The Bonn Science shop focuses on the topics: civic society and sustainability, environmental protection and health as well as job market and qualification. Furthermore it organizes a national fair on jobs and education in the field of renewable energies and, in 2012, the international Living Knowledge conference.

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