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German-Egyptian Association Bonn-Kairo e.V.

Since its foundation in 1980, the association has pursued various objectives: the cultivation of friendly relations between the two countries, the promotion of cultural and scientific cooperation and the mediation of meetings and contacts between various social groups of both peoples. The members of the association meet in mostly monthly intervals for lectures and other social events.

These events deal with current topics of modern Egypt as well as with Pharaonic Egypt, which still has an impact on the Egyptians' self-image today. In addition, there are German topics relevant to integration which are of interest to Egyptians. The association wants to offer Egyptians (especially trainees and scientists) living in Germany the opportunity to get to know Germany and its typical problems better. For fifteen years the association has been awarding scholarships to Egyptian young people from less well-off families to enable them to study at renowned Egyptian technical schools.

The association is open for new members and anyone interested..

German-Egyptian Association Bonn-Kairo e.V.

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