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German-African Center e.V. (DAZ)

The German-African Center e.V. (DAZ) was founded in 2007. The DAZ actively promotes better understanding between Africans and Germans.

The DAZ understands diversity as an opportunity. It focuses its work on uncovering the potential of Africans and Germans, promoting skills and making them available to society, and networking similar initiatives and organizations.

A further focus of the DAZ's work is to support and promote, jointly with Africans in Germany, the development in their home countries.

With its series "Africa Country Portraits" in cooperation with the VHS Bonn, the DAZ makes an important contribution to conveying a differentiated image of Africa. A variety of cultural events and activities promote encounters between Africans and Germans and thus international understanding.

Any natural or legal person can become a member. Statutes and application for membership can be downloaded from the homepage or requested by email.

German-African Center e.V. (DAZ)

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