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European Forest Institute (EFI)

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is an international organization with 26 Member Countries and 116 member organizations from 36 different countries working in diverse research fields. EFI provides forest-related knowledge around three interconnected interdisciplinary themes: bioeconomy, resilience and governance.

EFI has several offices across Europe. It generates, connects and shares knowledge at the interface between science and policy. One focus of EFI’s work is conducting European collaborative research projects. EFI puts emphasis on cross-sectoral approaches. It provides access to social, economic and environmental expertise covering all of Europe’s bio-geographical regions. Under the slogan "connecting knowledge to action”, EFI is active in policy support. It hosts the EU’s FEGT and REDD Facility, which is actively supporting forest governance in more than 20 mostly tropical countries. EFI’s high-level forum on forests, ThinkForest, brings together European policy makers and leading European forest scientists to generate science-policy dialogue on strategic forest-related issues at the European level.

European Forest Institute (EFI)

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